closure on our High Street

A six week program of work has just been published in respect of the road

closure on our High Street .Why?

If when passing you look at the pond opposite Cooper Road you will see upright concrete posts with iron rails like scaffolding poles running

through them. Closer examination will reveal that they are all leaning at an angle inwards to the pond. Highways department have concluded that this

signifies the road is crumbling and slipping into the pond.

To rectify matters necessitates sheet metal piling similar to the work which was done on Lower Road into CrowField.

The first two weeks starting on 24 July will be taken up in preparing the site for the works to begin. During this period evening and weekends will be

controlled by traffic lights.

The real work starts on 7 August when Ace Piling turn up to thump sheet metal pieces 7 m long into the ground to retain the Road. During this

process the road will be totally closed with no access either way. The final two weeks will be clearing up the site and putting up a new

barrier to prevent traffic entering the pond. This period will also be controlled for evening and weekends by traffic lights.

The whole works should be completed by Friday, 1 September. The timing has been made to coincide with school holidays and therefore no

disruption to school buses and also to coincide with no other temporary traffic regulations being booked in the area.

We must not confuse this road closure programme with the proposed semi gyratory system. This will be something totally different when and if it

comes to fruition.

Allan Fowler

By Allan Fowler on July 12th, 2017