Register Of Interests

Within 28 days of becoming a member of the Council, all Parish Councillors must register any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs) or any Local Non-Pecuniary Interests (LNPIs) they may have for publication in the Register of Members’ Interests. They must also notify the Monitoring Officer at the District Council within 28 days of any change to their DPIs or LNPIs .

The Register of Interests will be available for inspection at the Barbergh and Mid Suffolk Council offices by prior arrangement during normal office hours, and will be published on that Council’s website.

To view the Barbergh and Mid Suffolk Parish Councils Register of Members Interests page please click here.

Newly elected Councillors' declarations of DPIs or LNPIs may not appear on the website until they have been processed by the District Council.

The Council's Code of Conduct provides more details of the rules about Disclosure of Members Interest.