Parish Council Meetings


Parish Council Meeting Dates - 2017

Parish Council meetings take place in the Community and Sports Hall, Mary Day Close, starting at 7.30 pm (unless otherwise advertised).  The meetings are open to the public and press, and there is a section of the meeting where residents are invited to raise questions or make comment. This part of the meeting is informal and there is no requirement of the Council to be able to answer any questions immediatley but Councillors will take account of the balance of views expressed by the residents when they are deliberating on matters during the formal part of the meeting. For a more complete understanding of how council meetings are conducted, please read the Council's Standing Orders

Annual Parish Meeting                Thursday 27th April

must be held between Mar 1 and June 1 and is open to all registered electors. (LGA 1972 Sch. 12 para 14)

 Parish Council AGM                     Thursday 25th May
By law, to be held in May or within 14 days of an election if occurring that year. (LGA 1972 Sch. 12 para 7(2))
The Annual Parish COUNCIL Meeting will be immediately followed by an Ordinary Council Meeting, around 8.00 pm. 


 Parish Council                                       Thursday 9th February
                                                                 Tuesday 14th March
                                                                 Thursday 25th May
                                                                 Tuesday 27th June
                                                                 Thursday 27th July
                                                                 Tuesday 5th September
                                                                 Thursday 12th October
                                                                 Tuesday 28th November